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Note: the zapper is just part of Dr. Clark's product list.  She also used frequency generators, body cleansing techniques, ozone, magnetic therapy and more.

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Below is just a SMALL sampling of the feedback that has been generated by people who been touched by Dr. Clark's common sense approach to health and disease. 


Prostate Cancer

“Good Morning to you and your staff.  I really appreciate all you are doing for those of us who have Cancer or who have had Cancer.

My brother and myself have both been diagnosed with PROSTATE CANCER. At the time I found out 2 years ago, I didn’t know about Alternative treatments so I just went along with my Doctor and had the operation to remove my Prostate.   Since then I have read books and followed up with your Parasitic program.

My brother on the other hand, decided to try alternative methods after I told him about your book and other ways of treating Cancer without his prostate being removed.  He started the parasite program plus he went to a clinic in R. Nevada. Dr. B. that works with improving the immune system. (Dr B supports your methods.)   His PSA was over 6 with a positive biopsy of cancer, but it is now below 1.

Now his regular doctor is all upset because he didn’t follow his advice to remove the Prostate even though the PSA is back to Normal.  In fact he had an appointment yesterday with his doctor and this doctor actually told him that he would be dead within 3 years and said that all these alternative methods he has tried is all a bunch of quackery and these doctors are taking him for a sucker.  What is going on in this country?

The regular doctors are out to stop anyone that does not do it their way.
I believe in these alternative methods because I saw what the conventional medicine did to my father-in-law who died from lung cancer.


Brain Cancer

Dear Dr. Clark:

My son, Juan, was treated by you in Mexico several years ago for brain cancer, a glioblastoma multiforme (gbm).  Just a short note to let you know that Juan has was completely healed of his brain cancer with no recurrence whatsoever in the last 7 years, thanks to the Awesome Lord and to the therapies that you put him on.  God bless you and God bless your good works always. 

Mona,    Juan's mom.


Lung Cancer

Dear All,

A few years ago I lent my copy of “Cure for all Cancers” to a friend who's 50 year old husband had lung cancer. He was already in a wheel chair following a severe car accident and had some other health issues so the specialist was not expecting him to last more than 6 months. I left her the information along with a flier from an Australian supplier of the parasite herbs and a book by an Aus Dr on alternatives including mega-ascorbate therapy. To my surprise when I returned she had the full parasite, kidney and liver herbal tinctures and was applying the protocols to both herself and her husband. She was also getting him Vit C injections twice a week from her local doctor.

I should add here, that she already knew about the parasites in her husbands blood from a live blood analysis done a few weeks before-hand so the Clark protocols were a natural progression.

After a year all three of the doctors they were visiting were staggered not only to see the man alive but free of cancer. There was only a slight trace of an image on the lung X-ray and non of them wanted to know what the treatment was! I though one had to get a Bachelor of SCIENCE to get a doctor's ticket.

She commented to me that she also felt in better health after completing the full program.

Curiously, others I've offered the information to have flatly rejected it or even been offended by my gentle concern. My uncle in Britain had a brain tumour and despite being a Marine Biologist, would not even look into the information I wrote to him about. He died later that year and I have heard that my "intrusion" was considered quite offensive. It would seem that you simply cannot help some people and one has to accept that.

Yours sincerely,


Brain Tumor

Dear Dr. Clark,

In February, my neighbour, a 71 year old Dutch lady, was diagnosed with a tumor in the brain.

It was detected upon having had an attack in her tummy with heavy shaking (about 10 min.), ending up finally with epileptic-kind cramps in her head when she became unconscious for about 10 min.

2 weeks later she underwent chemo-therapy/radiation at Jakarta but abandoned this treatment upon hearing about your 21-days cancer treatment.

I have ordered this program from you - that finally arrived in Indonesia at the beginning of May. She immediately started the program, was initially very tired but finally recovered, started walking again and felt absolutely healthy and stronger. The success with Dr. Clark was heralded when Mid June another attack occurred, this time in the left arm. She was hospitalized for 2 days, then the curing process continued....and Mid July, the patient was nearly back to normal life.

Right today, another attack came up, this time stronger and more intensive - in the left leg and now she lies nearly paralysed in the hospital.

Did you experience similar histories? What can be done now - as we all reject what doctors propose in Singapore: chemotherapy and radiation.

We would all highly appreciate your recommendation and thank you in advance.

Best regards,

“for FG”


Breast Cancer

Dear Dr. Clark:

I discovered your book "The Cure For All Cancers" back in 1996 when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

In support, I did the cleanse with her and followed your protocol. The interesting thing is that my horrible allergies disappeared. It is now 2005 and they have not come back.

I take the cleanse about every couple of years....and have not suffered since.

Prior to that I had gone to doctors, spent thousands and all they could come up with was pills, nose sprays and shots....none of which worked and in some ways made me feel even worse!

By the way, my Mom died. But she was pressured into surgery, radiation and chemo by other family members who were scared to death.

Upon her deathbed she said she had  wished that she just done things naturally and enjoyed whatever time she had left. Instead she spent her last year recovering from surgery and feeling horrible from the effects of the chemo and radiation...which didn't save her anyway!

I am with you! Thanks for your research and for improving my life in a HUGE WAY! Keep up the great research!


Prostate Cancer

My father is an avid follower of Dr. Clark and thanks to faithfully following her guidelines, he was able to cure himself of a prostate cancer that specialists claimed was inoperable.  They also predicted a short survival period, but with Dr. Clark's guidance, he was able to fight this and is still with us after 7 years!

He continues to live his life by the "book" (Dr. Clark's books, of course) and is doing well.

Thank you!  “L

Brain Tumor

Dear Dr. Clark,

Please accept my total respect.  My former husband & dear friend was diagnosed May of 2004 with a malignant astrocytoma brain tumor.  He was given six months to live.

I have both of your cancer books & have spent much time on line researching.

I used Clarkia & a zapper plus am doing everything I can in your book to help him.

It is October & my dear friend has had two "normal" blood tests, a normal urine test AND a normal CT-SCAN of the head!

Both the primary physician & the oncologist have told us, "whatever you are doing keep it up."

Thank you for your huge humanitarian efforts!  May God continue to bless you.


Bristol's Cancer Help Centre for Alternative and Complimentary Medicines

As Founder of West Cork Cancer Support I worked at Bristol's Cancer Help Centre for Alternative and Complimentary Medicines, witnessing people getting better by more natural means.

The ones badly damaged and given up on would arrive - some too late - yetmany got well to lead a life of quality and quantity aged  - yet quality out-weighs the latter.

Main stream medicine made me ill - confused my immune system and thankfully I was use to the old school of herbal medicines as a child and the old remedies. Conventions medicine only became main stream around the 1945-50.

War is one thing and Toxic Material is another. It seems appalling to me that Toxicity of the blood is allowed to rule because money is the motivator.

Well Done David and long may you live to see that we have to fight what I can only see as Evil Intent to banish something Healthy in exchange for Toxic Material.


"Squamous" Cell Cancer

Via Dr Clarks e-mails….
Dear Melville.    I am going to buy some Amish  dewormer.   Your theory makes so much sense to me because just a few days ago I began to get the impression of parasites from the way she has been attacking her food.  I thought to myself then that maybe she has worms or something and just because she is an indoor cat doesn't necessarily make her immune.

Melville writes***
they've known for many years in the US and especially in Europe that parasites and cancer go hand in hand. There's a humongous conspiracy by the medical "industry" to keep this simple fact a secret; because of their refusal to look at alternative treatments that just might impact their "industry" which involves chemo and radiation.

They'd all be out of work if the truth were known..

Here's a pic of the parasites that I'm dealing with now. Over 2 years ago I was told by the oncologists that I only had about 8 months to live unless I followed their advice..

Well I'm still here and very in her field..These parasites which I have called "Squamish cell cancer parasites" as no one else seems to know what they are and it just so happens that I have Squamous cell cancer.

Remember that there are literally thousands of different species of parasites of animals and humans and even parasites on insects and parasites that live on other parasites. My theory is that the parasites tend to the "roots" of the cancer and in fact the mouth is like a "garden".

There is a "symbiotic" relationship between the parasites and the cancer wherein the cancer "mass" or tumors protect the parasites like a "covering". It's "perhaps" similar to a Barnacle which swims till it attaches to an area and then uses surrounding materials to build it's little home which now becomes it's permanent abode.
These ones are compared to that dime coin to give an idea of size. Notice how they have "tentacles" like octopi. This could be how they cling to the
veins of the tumors; feeding on the blood.


Bladder Cancer

Just want to say that my brother had bladder cancer, I started him on the parasite cleanse kit and it killed his cancer very quickly. 

His doctors cannot believe what happen  I want to say thanks to Dr Clark.


Brain Tumors

Hello, in October I bought the 21 day program for my mom (she lives in México), she just finished the program and I have some questions:

She has 2 brain tumors due to a metastasis of a prior Breast cancer (2 1/2 years ago) and also metastasis on her bones, she was treated with radiotherapy with almost no success in August,

She is now being treated with metotrexate direct to her brain every week and also some treatment via IV every month for her bones.

We finished the programme last Wednesday and on Friday made a MRI of her brain and one of the tumors was diminished by 60% and the other one 40%.

Her blood test are a lot better than before (no anaemia any more) but I don't know if she should continue taking supplements from the programme and on what quantity should be recommendable;

For now she is still taking 10g vitamin C, and the other supplements but on a lower dose (in most of the cases 1 capsule of each vit. B, glutathione, msm, calcium etc..).

Brain Tumor

A sister was in the hospital 2600 miles away. She was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour of the brain; one that was rarely seen in people over thirty years of age. Lydia was sixty-six.

My kid sister and I are both strong believers in Hulda Clark’s remedy as outlined in her book, The Cure for All Cancers. So much so that, when we both felt an inner urge to go to New Brunswick and administer the cure, we headed out together, quickly.

Lydia was in bad shape when we arrived at the hospital. We lost no time in giving her the first dose of Artemesia absynthium (Wormwood), cloves, and tincture of black walnut.  We were staying at her place, and the day after our arrival her doctor phoned. She gave us her prognosis, which was not good. She said that our sister had approximately three months to live, most of which would be in a comatose state.

That day we went back to the hospital and administered another dose of wormwood, etc. We did the same the next day, and on the fourth visit she got out of bed, did a little dance on her way to the bathroom, staggered a bit on her return to bed, and then grinned at us.

With the fifth dose we knew the cancer was cured, but there was still the damage it had done to be healed. Her doctor, surprised at her quick recovery, had her taken to the Laboratory for more x-rays.

Much to the lady’s surprise the tumour had shrunk to half its size! In the following fifteen days it disappeared completely. We made sure, Frank, her husband, had a quantity of the medications on hand and knew how to dispense them in the proper format, and then made a last visit to the hospital to say goodbye.

 “I asked the doctor if she could explain how come I’m getting better,” she told us.

“What did she say?” Carol asked.

“She said, she didn’t have a clue, but to keep doing whatever it is that I’m doing.”

“Did she ask what it was?” I asked.

“No. She just hurried out of the room.”

Brainstem Tumor

Thank you for your reply. I will also follow your site for suggestions

Corrine my 16 1/2 year old has a intercervical medullar tumor.

Located in her brainstem. Astrocytoma. On her breathing nerve, Dx Jan- 02 doctors say was there since birth triggered by hormones to grow when she was 13. She never had any signs that would suggest this as she was growing up, of course now that I know more, I see thinking back how it was missed .And Why. Medical insurance doesn't pay for testing and doctors don't follow up or believe in what causes these cancers. The signs were there.

When Corrine was dx .it was because she lost her vision when she turned her head. she never had any vomiting or balance issues ever. She went to Boston's Children's Hospital to the best and was operated on in hopes of reliving the pressure and make room for the spinal fluid to flow. Long story short, it could not be taken out due to the spinal cord growing thru the tumor all those years. A small piece was taken for biopsy, 3 bones removed in her neck to allow for the expansion of the tumor. I was told to take her home arrange for radiation, and expect her to live, DEAF, unable to swallow, And become mentally deficient due to the radiation, maybe 6 months- 1year.

Luckily I have a older daughter who is a holistic nutrition and former med student. She and I did not listen to these heartless "doctors". We together split our time, she pumping Corrine with all good things for her diet I, thinking back to what my pregnancy was like, remembered that I had been told to terminate the pregnancy due to high titers of toxoplasmosis when having a amniocentesis. of course I refused, Corrine was born outwardly fine but no follow up on this was done. I had lived on a farm before getting pregnant and was exposed to a lot of animals. I had also contracted full blown Lyme during my 8th month of the term and Corrine was born premature and no antibiotics were given because then at that time no one believed it was really needed.

With the help of the internet and my older daughter's knowledge I began to contact Germany and Sweden ,sending a form e-mail, using my German maiden name, asking for help from scientists and Doctors. I did get responses. They in turn led me to understand about parasitic tumors and a DX machine called a Vega machine.

I then , thru their help , found a chiropractor who had a machine such as this, who agreed to see my daughter and help me. This led to using a Rife machine months later. Of course all this was done " behind closed doors" and Corrine's doctors knew nothing , but the bad stuff, which there was a lot of.(She went though a lot of mental issues,understandably so, I might add) There was no one to compare to or get support from either. My family thought we were crazy!

We were also led to a old world Chinese herbalist, who had a following of cancer patients that lived beyond what was expected, who mixes a bunch of herbs which are brewed into tea, black and bad tasting. which Corrine began to drink .

3 years later we have a stack of MRI's done every 6 months ,that keep showing a tumor getting smaller and more defined. The last one showed that it is breaking up and becoming "see though." Her doctors think it is the herbs that have chemo properties in them.

They do not know about the machine, since I am afraid that since she is a minor they would force me into other treatments. They only found out about the Chinese Dr. last year after seeing the MRI"s and asking me what was I doing to get these results. I was having a hard time stalling them also. I was running out of stories and getting mad about their stupid answers to my questions about their suggestions for conventional treatments. KNOWLEDGE is a powerful thing!

The last answer I got from them was " I don't know" when I asked them "what is this tumor made of" "what is inside it ?"

These Doctors went to Harvard ,they are really great surgeons and of course very smart and educated men. Thank god they are , or my child would not have come out of the operation so well, and I do believe that they are blessed and are good men .but it gets annoying to hear them say foolish things . Thank you for your interest , someday when Corrine is older I will tell them, they will not believe me. Corrine does not have any deficits except her hearing and peripheral vision which were damaged from the operation that she had. All her motor functions and IQ are fine.

She wears glasses but does not need a hearing aid. Goes to regular school and walks 1 mile every day with her friends.

I did try to tell the parents of the children's brain tumor internet group that I belonged to a year ago, and they told me I was crazy ,I told them I had MRI"S to prove it and they still did I not want to hear it. I don't go to the site anymore because their children die from the radiation effects in 6-12 months and I can't bear to read about the details.

Maybe someday children won't have to die because of ignorance.


Astrocytoma (Brain Tumor)

I also want to let others know that I used Dr.Hulda Clark's protocol (as much as possible) from the books, THE CURE FOR ADVANCED CANCERS & THE CURE FOR ALL CANCERS on my friend who had a terminal Astrocytoma brain tumor & given 3 months to live.

It has been over seven months so far & he has had three blood tests, one urine test & TWO CAT-SCANS of the head that came out normal'!!!  He is gaining weight & able to walk & cook & bath himself. 

He was an invalid 4 months ago.  He still has a partial paralysis on the left side of his body but he is getting better everyday.

I am a believer & I use her info on myself & have been helping others with her books. 

Thank you Dr.Clark.


Prostate Cancer


I almost forgot to tell you some news.  A few months ago my PSA (prostate) soared from 1.8 to 10.2 and the Drs. thought for sure that I had prostate cancer. (It runs in my family). 

I had a biopsy and they only found something suspicious, but no cancer.  Well, that was a wake-up call for me and I tripled up on my zapping and got onto some naturopathic supplemental therapy (very impressed with fractionated pectin), and the PSA quickly went back to below 1. 

I know that zapping is a godsend.



Yes, I know you're not giving medical advice.  I just wanted to let you know that I fully understand that.  I've been involved in naturopathic remedies for a few years now, and I'm pretty informed about how to go about finding answers for whatever the situation is, including cancer. 

My mother and I with the guidance of an N.D. are treating my dad successfully for Mesothelioma.  It's a tough road, but we're doing it. 

We're in the last month of his life expectancy according to the oncologists...1st & 2nd opinion....and we've managed to turn him around since November 29 using Rife Technology, balancing his pH, intervenous chelation, and administering the proper supplements.  He's doing well.

Thank you for your response and no worry.  I fully understand the intention and impact of your site, and I appreciate the fact it's here online.



Stage IV Inoperable Cancer (and CROHN’s Disease)

Dear Hulda Clark angels,

First I want to thank all of you for championing the cause. Your efforts and diligence are enormously appreciated and greatly respected.

I first "discovered" Hulda Clarks's theories and protocols about 7 years ago when I applied them to cure myself of Crohn's disease (after I was told I would be on medication for the rest of my life which I am happy to report I am not!).

My urgent question pertains to one of my best friends, Rhiann McCauley. About 6 months ago she was diagnosed with Stage IV inoperable cancer.

She is only 38 years old. She has around 4 or 5 large tumors in her pelvic region. They are on her colon/liver/uterus/ovaries etc. She was the perfect picture of health. Ate healthy, drank alot of water, perfect skin/complexion, shiny thick gorgeous hair. Out of the blue, bam, she was sick, just like that ("coincidentally" she had been painting her house at that time).  She was rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed with the above within a few weeks. She was put on chemo, and still is, draining her of her life force but unfortunately not shrinking the tumors.

A few weeks ago she was admitted into the hospital on an emergency basis again. The tumor on her colon had ruptured. She had an emergency ileostomy and was lucky to pull through (I don't know if it is permanent or reversible). She was in for a few weeks and amazingly got discharged a few days ago but unfortunately is back in due to fever/infection. She has been a dear friend for a long time and watched me go through my Crohn's ordeal. She has an open mind and is receptive to alternative healing as she watched it help me.

I approached her with your theories when she was first diagnosed, she was open but seemed a little hesitant, and I didn't push enough, ... due to my lack of knowledge on the cancer protocol (I feared I might make her worse ... All I have read is "The Cure of All Diseases" and I wasn't terminal).

She has told me she is now willing to try or learn more about it if someone could just tell her what to do.

Once again, thanks for all you do.


Various Types of Tumor and Cancers

My skin cancer was cured by Dr. Clarks treatment of the Black Walnut tincture, cloves and artemesia absinthum, as was the cancer of the man next door who had the same type of cancer that I had, on one leg ,and an ugly melanoma on the other.  My sebhoreic keretosis was gone in 2 1/2 weeks and his in 3 1/2 weeks.  B. C.  had four tumors in his liver, and a two inch pancreatic tumor.  He took the black walnut tincture, cloves and artemesia absinthum  after he had gone to the cancer clinic at University of So. Calif. where they did the surgery.

All they could do was take out a gall bladder that was full of stones, close the incision, and tell him to go home and come back in a month.  I took this to mean that he was sent home and was not expected to return!  However he read Dr. Clarks book, took the three herbal medications, and his incision healed up, and he went back.

They were shocked when they did a CT scan and he was healing up.  They said to come back in two weeks and to keep up whatever it was that he was doing..

He did this, went fishing for a week, and was running in the AM.  He went back and the tumors had shrunken to dime size, but they started chemotherapy every week, which made him very sick to his stomach..  Each treatment made him sicker.  He came to see me and I advised that he read the book again and do the liver cleanse, but he decided to take the chemo and never followed up with the cleanse...I went to see him about a month ago and he looked terrible, I suggested that he do the liver cleanse, and he said that he was going  back for his last chemo treatment the next day.

Bill died last week and we went to his funeral Saturday the 13th of this month.  He leaves two young adult children...a boy and a girl...I feel that if he had taken the liver cleanse he would be alive today...I weep about this when I think about it. Just before this happened, two of my relatives died of cancer.

I sent the books to the relatives responsible for helping them, but they were already in the hospital...One had lung cancer, and had taken chemo which made terrible bleeding sores in his mouth so he could not eat, and he died about 3 weeks later..  The other brother-in-law had a tumor at the base of his spine which was causing trouble with his foot.  They removed as much of the tumor as they could, he could move his foot properly, but the incision would not heal and he died shortly thereafter...

I tell as many people, as I can, about Dr. Clarks books and have probably helped to sell at least 50 of them at the local health food store...I intend to continue to keep up the publicity... Yours for a better world.


Spot on Lungs and Allergies

I have been zapping since 2001, shrinking a spot on my lung till it was gone. Avoiding a horrible surgery and who know what else. I also referred a Mr  “RP” with a straff infection in his bones.

I met him six months later the infection was gone.

Still had nerve surgery, however, he avoided a lot of unnecessary bombardment of antibiotics. I purchased my Zapper from Ms. “DK” president of the company I work for the past 25 years.

Not only did the spot on my lung go away but my allergies are finished.

I feel the best ever. I will be 60 this December   Lots of clarity, lot, of energies. Thank you for believing in the common sense approach to dealing with parasites.

I do, and am convincing my family.

peace blessings


Kidney Cancer

My dearest Dr. Clark

I like to thank you so much for your work you have done and for your books you have published in order to let people know there are other method's to heal ones CANCER. In my case my cancer was discovered by accident. A Cat-Scan was done to see my lower vertebras. It showed a growth on my left kidney.

Another specific picture was taken of my kidney and confirmed. My kidney was taken out and everything was OK.

After 1 year another Cat-Scan was taken and a growth was discovered on the place where my kidney was taken out. The tumor was the size of a chicken-egg. A probe was done with a needle to see if it was benign or malignant.

It was malignant.

My Dr. said in a case like this chemo is not very effective nor is radiation. He wanted to operate again and I said NO because he said he can't guarantee that it doesn't come back.

In the meantime Dr. Clark was known to me and I was reading about her on the Internet. I ordered her book about cancer and I had a 100 % trust in her and her research. I bought her ZAPPER and her herbs and treated myself.

I told my Dr. --No operation and told him: I'll treat myself with the Zapper and Dr. Clark's herbs. I could read his unbelief and smirk in his face. I always can have an operation.

I like to mention that I have an optimistic outlook in life and in the future. This is now 5 month + since I use Dr. Clarks Zapper and herbs.

I have ---N O --- cancer pain or any sign of cancer.

I feel completely healthy.

This I want to tell Dr. Clark with my sincerest thanks.

From  K

Liver Cancer

Dear Dr Clark.

When I came to Canada 8yrs ago I met friends that used your methods for healing.  I was so fascinated by the results ,I purchased several books and started making your fascinating Zappers to help people here in Australia. I would like to mention one testimony that had an affect on me.

I had a friend here in his late 70s was diagnosed with liver cancer. His daughter-in-law, who is a Homeopath, and I, supplied the Zapper.

Within a month the cancer came to a recession and it began to shrink...his doctor was amazed and sent him to a specialist. Unfortunately the specialist told him off for using alternative methods! So he stopped.

Sadly 4mths later he has passed on.    

Sincerely Yours H...

Breast Cancer

Dr. Clark,
I am a cancer patient who currently is being treated at The University of Pennsylvania.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer and my left breast was removed in November along with 14 infected lymph nodes.

Following the surgery I progressively became worse.  I had trouble bending and walking up and down steps.  I had great trouble with my hip.  On New Years Eve I bent over to plug in some lights and cracked two ribs.  I spent four days in the hospital in bed because the docs were afraid that I may crack my spine or neck.  My bones were so brittle.

Through an MRI it was discovered the the cancer had spread to my bones.  I also had a tumor in my sacrum.  The hips and sacrum were radiated for 10 days.  No chemotherapy was suggested, and I had not intention of going this route anyway.  I was told that I had three years to live and they could only try to give me a good quality of life until then.  I got worse and became quite immobile.  I had trouble getting up and down, could not bend and any movement caused severe pain.  The radiation did help with my mobility but I still was not completely mobile.  I chose not to take pain meds and try to fight this thing that apparently was growing worse.

I go to the hospital once a month for a bone infusion and take Arimidex at night to stop the Estrogen since my cancer is Estrogen positive.  Last month I was studying Astrology at Princeton when I bumped into a woman I knew from my Astrology organization.  What a sweet soul she is.  They say that you never know how your angel will appear but I believe she is mine.  When she heard of my health problems she sent me your book, the zapper and a bottle of stomach enzymes that she claims helps after zapping.  I immediately ordered the Parasite Killing Program.

Those who know me and see me daily cannot believe how I can bend over now and function normally.  Tomorrow I will see my Oncologist and he is preparing to send me for Physical Therapy because my left arm was in such bad shape.  I can now lift with the arm and lean on it.  Physical Therapy is no longer needed.  The shocking part about all of this is that my apparent recovery has taken place in about a week and a half.  Can this be possible?

I've never believed that I was going to die from this and my reaction when I was diagnosed is that I have been given this problem to help and teach others how to help themselves.  My gynocologist tells me that breast cancer is now at an  epidemic stage.  Everyone knows someone who has it. I will keep you up on my progress and thank you for your research beyond that of the medical establishment.   (see also1023B).


Breast Cancer

I wrote to you last month about my progress using the products.  I have breast cancer that has metastasized to the bones.  My family and friends cannot believe my rapid improvement.  I know it's important to see the scientific proof as well as seeing the visual improvement and hearing the anecdotal stuff.

This week when I went for for checkup at the University of Pennsylvania my Oncologist was smiling when he handed me my lab eport.  He told me my bloodwork was "perfect".  Normally my lymphocytes are very low.  He told me that when you have bone cancer you will never go into full remission.  He is ordering a full body bone scan for mid summer and I will let you know what shows up there.

Another side effect of the treatment that I've noticed is that this time of year I normally suffer with allergies and migraines and so far nothing. Perhaps it's the influence these herbs have on the immune system.

I've been sharing this information with my clients and I'm sending them to your website to find out for themselves.

Much appreciation,



Dr. Clark's protocol saved my life!  I had asbestosis ("mesothelioma") from inhaling asbestos.  I owned a paint and coatings company and I had all of the people working in the plant wear 3M Particle masks - - not because of the asbestos, but, because of all the other things that they might inhale! At that time, asbestos was supposed to be "inert", harmless.  So, everyone wore particle filters except me - and I got it!

But I went on Dr. Clark's protocol and it took me a little over a year, but it was worth it. I never would have taken "chemo" as I figured I could die slower without it.  However, I was prepared for "proton-beam radiation".

Dr. Clark's protocol stopped the cancer and in a little over a year. I was pronounced Cancer-Free with a "Pet Scan".  When this was a fact I then told the 3 doctors that were working with me exactly how Dr. Clark's Protocol did the trick.

There replies were very nonchalant : "Well, if it works for you, do it". 

I then told them that "it would be good for their patients if they used Dr. Clark's protocol along with their close observation, while they are treating them.  This will give them a fighting chance".

Another problem that I am facing is: about 25 years ago they cut my stomach out and most of my duodenum.  While they were there they cut my vegus nerve.  Since then they have found that it continued to the intestines and helped to digest Vitamin B12; folic acid and iron, which make red blood cells.  I wasn't producing any and my red cell count was down to 6 and 8 mature red cells only. I am taking those nutrients and it is helping.

We manufacture Water Purification thru "magneto-hydro-dynamics". We recently were chosen to treat water in the Middle East. This was because it works and it is simple; and it takes no "outside" energy.  It is self-contained" and has a "user-life" of over 200 years, without any outside use of energy.  They take no maintenance. 


Breast Cancer

Last summer, I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. I felt like I was supposed to undergo chemo as recommended by the oncologist. My niece found info on Dr. Clark and got "The Cure for All Cancers" from her library. Next, she bought "The Cure for All Diseases."

I was fascinated, especially when the cancer spread after 4 rounds of chemo. I started cleaning my home, quit wearing makeup, deodorant, using perfumes and shampoos and did the parasite cleanse in January.

The end of January, I had a bone scan and CT scans. My niece built a zapper and I made sure to zap before the scans. The scans showed great reduction in tumors and lesions. I also went to a mostly raw and living food diet. I can count on one hand how many times I have had meat in the last 6 months. I have practically eliminated sugar from my diet as well.

Now, the primary tumor has totally dissolved. I have more energy than I have had in a long time.I am doing the parasite maintenance program and using the zapper. I can't wait until the next scans to prove I am healed.

I have an aunt that has recently been diagnosed with multiple myeloma and declared terminal. The doctor has given her 30 days to live. I tried last night to get her to try the program. I have "The Cure for All Advanced Cancers" but she isn't interested. She's 75 and feels it's her time to go.

It's sad when people don't want to get better.

My sister has a friend that had breast cancer and went into remission. My sister called me and asked for the name of the books, the friend was ready to do anything to defeat this disease as it came back. I gave her the names of the books and even where she could find the books locally.

I can't wait for that progress report!

I feel Dr. Clark has been an answer to prayer. I wonder if the reason I felt I needed to undergo chemo was so I could be giving this testimony now.

Thank you for putting the information out there for people to use.


Stomach Cancer

It has been about 8 months since I read about Dr Clark, and ordered the zapper and the cleansers.  I started to feel better immediately.  I had allergy like symptoms that seemed to have come on very severe quite suddenly.

I had gotten married and move, doctors said stress. Well I doctored everywhere, I was very ill and losing weight. No one offered much help.

I ordered the tapes on Cure for all Diseases and my friend got the book. 

I stared zapping and felt much better but the itchy eyes, sinus, red nose were still there.  I started the parasite program also.  When

I started the cleansing program, it seemed to be hard on my stomach so I stopped. 

If your sick believe me you better be your best investigator because doctors for the most part seem ignore you and blame it on stress. 

After months of searching and putting everything together, based on Dr Clarks theory. I found the problem!  I had H. Pyloi

One doctor refused to do the scope, she did a stool sample and said that was accurate enough.  It came back negative.  My doctor at Mayo said that if I had diagnosed my self correctly a scope was the only way to find out.  Mayo is 11 hour away so I was talking with the Dr by phone.  The gastro specialist here still would not do the scope. 

If you’r sick find a doctor that will listen to you. Doctor Clark said it and if I hadn't read that I would still be sick today.  I don't know how to stress that fact find a doctor that will listen.  I found a doctor close by that did listen, she took a blood test for H. Pylori and it came back negative.  Then I told her what the Mayo Clinic doctor had told me and she scheduled a scope.  My stomach was inflamed and they put me on H2 blocker.  They read my pictures from the scope and said it looked inflamed but the radiologist said it looked ok.  The biopsy however came back positive, H. Pylori.  Finally some answers, I went on a 2 week treatment and I am feeling much better.  It will take some time to build myself back up, the H. Pylori bacteria can live in your stomach forever causing stomach cancer, Lymphoma and tumor on other organs of your body.

I didn't give up and now I am on the road to a full recovery.  If I would have listened to the medical doctors I would have wasted away while this bacteria drained my body.  People who are weak and very sick may not have the courage or strength to do what I did, I know they may need help.  Is it possible to get a website for people to talk about symptoms and give each courage and
direction to find help.  Thank you Dr Clark with out the parasite and bacteria information I would not have known where to start.  I got strong enough after using the zapper to seek out help. 

You saved my life. 


Ovarian Cancer

I know I always like getting good news, so here is some for you: my research partner and I had success helping a woman to cure her cancer.

We took her ovarian cancer marker from 260 to 109 to 47 to 29 in about 7 weeks!

Zapping (from homemade zapper) was a big part of this (she also used peroxide baths, skin brushing, colloidal minerals and some dietary changes).

The Clark methods are certainly a part of this victory.

This woman thought she might be dead a few months ago--now the doctors are baffled and we even managed to avoid a costly and perhaps detrimental/useless surgery.

Does it get any better than saving a life?

Keep it up!



Breast Cancer

Thank you again for sending me the latest news on Dr. Clark... I am a big fan.  She did a lot for me, my family, my cat and all my friends...especially one friend who had the breast cancer.  She is ok now!




Cancer (and Mercury)

I am going on vacation!!!  A friend has given us the use of her house on the coast for two weeks...it is the first place in the US that the sun hits each morning.

Over a year ago we were making plans for my funeral services...today we are making travel plans.

If there are any cancer patients out there like I was, please take heart.  I would get that plate zapper, memorize the last half of that manual, remove those fillings, and guzzle that black walnut, and take lots of enzymes, and flush, flush, flush (the liver,that is).

It is ridiculous what I am taking with me...we almost need a trailer to take all my appliances, supplements, zapping equipment and on and on.

I am now back to doing yoga, walking a couple miles a day, rebounding as always and some gardening...not enough time yet to do as much gardening as I'd like. Getting up to speed on the yoga and walking was very difficult...it must have moved more mercury out of my body when I started exercising again...very unpleasant...sweating and shaking, but made a little progress every day. It was definitely an endurance thing.

I could get used to everyone telling me I look great (as in healthy, alas, plate zapping has not made me beautiful).  It is very hard to run into old acquaintances that also have the big C and chose only chemo and radiation for their treatment. Many are not looking great.

I still have much to work on in regards to my health, but the thought occurred to me that when you lose your health, you also lose your independence.  And when you regain your health, you get another shot at being independent...if you're lucky.

Today I'm feeling lucky.


Liver Cancer (inoperable)

Wow...God bless you!!!! I am so thankful that God led me to your book when I was diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer in the Fall of 1999 just before my 22nd birthday. I began seeing numerous doctors (several of which who were claimed as being in the top 5 in the country) and was told that there was no hope for me - they had never before seen this cancer in someone my age. After a vision from God in which I was told that I was healed, He showed me that there were steps that I needed to take to obtain that healing.

I began digging deep into your book and immediately began following your programs. Well, long story short, this is now a year and a 1/2 later and I am back to normal...this experience has blessed my life in more ways than one.

I continue to follow all of your advice and make all my own products...  everything. My whole family (and even extended family) are on your programs and I tell everyone I can about it. Now I did follow some clinical things as well but I firmly believe that along with changing my eating habits it was the cleansings, etc that you advise that brought me back to normal (or I should say perfect health and have continued to keep me there!)

When I first read your book I thought "oh this sounds kind of difficult". Well, let me tell you - after following it now for over a year - it is soooo simple!!!

The other way of living and eating is what's hard. I have people contact me almost every day that have heard my story and I tell them that first of all they need to have an anointing and trust in God, the One who created us, and then second of all I tell them "Go get Dr. Hulda Clark's 'Cure For All Cancer' book. I have story after story of people who've benefited from your research. I am so amazed and so thankful. I am forever grateful to you.

My doctors are stunned and even though they see these results they, to this day, have not come out and asked me what I did! Wow, they need an awakening - there's no such thing as "no cure". The "clinical" side of this country is a nightmare. We need more (real) doctors like you who tell the truth. Miracles still do happen...I am living proof.

Thank you Dr. Clark. This was a very long story kept super short. There are so many more details that I could bombard you with but for sake of time I won't. God bless you!



Pancreatic / Bladder / Breast

Some stories to tell:

1st was pancreatic cancer.  D F gave him two weeks to live.
Told him no cure. His daughter took book Cure for all Cancers and did everything including making a homemade zapper

Father walked back to DF 3 weeks later Cancer free.  When they explained what they did, they were amazed but did nothing to follow up.

2nd was bladder cancer on 80 year old. 1 month to live. Used program.

Cancer free in 2 weeks. Radiology had made him incontinent, doctors said OK so you are cancer free but you will always be incontinent.

2 more weeks later on program, this retired attorney was continent again.

3rd was Breast cancer. Doctors recommended surgery. Two weeks on program with Sync zapper, cancer gone.


Breast Cancerous Tumor

I have to give you a testimony followed by a question regarding it.

"EB" who I work with, bought a zapper and herbs because her mother had a cancerous tumor.  It was very big, visible sticking out over her right breast midway to her right shoulder.  It must have been at least the whole length of her open hand across and about 3 finger-width high and also protruding out, like a long sausage.

It was attached to part of her breast and she was told they had to remove it and part of the breast or possibly all of the right breast.  And, immediately after surgery she had to undergo radiation. 

However, E’s mom began zapping three times per day and taking the herbs three weeks before surgery.  Two days before the surgery she felt that the tumor was loose and told E.  It turned out that in fact the tumor was detached and the surgeon did not have to remove any part of the breast, and there was no need for any radiation.

The doctor was amazed that the tumor was detached!  "E" swears it was the zapping and the herb but didn’t want to tell the doctor what they were doing.

Now for the question.  Have anyone else experienced something like this?  This is truly amazing. 

Oh, also, I spoke to E's mom today and she told me that some like warts in the back of her neck have started to fall off.

Well, that's all right now.
Take care,


Cancer Patients and Dr. Clark's Protocol

I had some of the MOST AMAZING RESULTS COME IN DURING THE LAST WEEK that I have seen in the last 30+ years of clinical practice!

In one of my cancer patients (she was anaemic), we lifted 

  • Iron levels from 4 to 21 (my normal is 20) with a corresponding rise in

  • Hb from 112 to 118 (normal 140) and

  • RBC from 3.73 to 3.94 (normal 4.5) after ONLY 7 DAYS on this protocol, costing only cents!

She had been on iron supplements but they weren't having any effect after 3 weeks. The Hb and RBC obviously LAG the Iron so this improvement was very significant in only 7 days.

Her Copper level was 27.6 (her father refused to do anything about their municipal water) and this dropped to 21.2 (normal 12).

Also, the cancer marker, Ca 125, more than halved from 9 to 4 in the same time (this was at 25 a few weeks ago).

She is having the next tests on Monday so I am expecting further increases in the Hb and RBC.

All the Thyroid and Parathyroid readings jumped back to normal AS WELL.

Also, ALL OF THE OTHER BLOOD TESTS NORMALISED except for one which was as a result of me OPENING a massive number of her tumors in the last two weeks. This related to eosinophils which is where her cancer is primarily.

So all these great results have occurred while ALL THESE TUMORS were being opened - they should have become temporarily worse!

I have started more cancer patients on this protocol over the last few days in addition to the standard program. I am expecting more fantastic results from 4 more patients in the next week.

When I have a bigger number of results I will let you know more.

The ramifications for all types of chronic conditions is ABSOLUTELY GIGANTIC!!!!!!



My husband is 85 and has had 2 prior cancers, one of which was lung cancer.

He developed lung cancer in his left lung and the prognosis was that his chances were less than 30%. 

His regular doctor said 'you are going to meet Jesus'.

He did take radiation because of bleeding and because he wanted to stop it.

We used 8 different therapies to affect the cancer, including Dr. Clark's method.

His cancer disappeared.

Doctors did not believe it.  The only bad reaction was due to the radiation treatment. 

Doctor checked him again last week to make sure that his cancer had gone.

It had.




"E McA" and I have been talking well, a lot, but as a result incredible news!!!!!!

Her new client has been on the advanced cancer program along with MGN3 and in 12 days his oncologist has exclaimed and said "this has never happened before - it is too unbelievable" -  his progress was so great in 12 days he was exasperated.

"E" is so excited as the Dr. Clark work is new for her, but she is very well aware of MGN3, and is a medical writer. 

The MGN3 from all I have heard can and has reversed cancer........  so the double punch made for these results possible.

More news later.................. 




I thank you for getting back to me. I am e-mailing you due to the fact that l have indeed used Dr Clark's remedies and sure enough they worked wonders for me. I would like to send you my testimony on how l became well again.

The Dr. didn't know what was wrong with me and l was just about to give up on myself.

I prayed and asked the lord if there was a cure or at least a medicine that could help me out so l could at least maintain life itself then please l said guide me to it. Well you can bet on one thing the lord always answers your prayers providing you're sincere.

He answered my prayer almost right away.

I want to thank Dr. Hulda Clark for continuing her research and standing strong for what she knows is true.

I used myself as a Guinepig because it seemed that no one else could help me and l was sick and tired of being sick, l needed to get better.

Dr. Hulda Clarks discovery in how to cure Cancer, Aids, and all Diseases is a 100% accurate. Everything that she has written is right on the money.

Everything that she has said is all common sense. I admire her for all her efforts in helping mankind combat the problems and dangers that life has challenge mankind with.

She has found all the answers to keeping the body healthy and free of sickness of any kind. She is a wonderful courageous woman. I thank the lord for choosing her for he knew that she would be the one that would be able to reach the people of all nations with her research and her medicinal medicines.

Please tell her Thank you for truly caring for mankind. Keep up with your wonderful and intriguing work Dr. H. Clark GOD BLESS




Thanks for keeping us all up-to-date on Dr Clark's latest happenings. It is appreciated so much.  A couple of months ago I wrote to you to ask (you) if I could write to a woman on your 'Testimonial' page (she is #0029), and you wrote to her and well,  to cut a long story short we have been corresponding ever since. 

And now I see you have another Ovarian cancer survivor, also using Dr Clarks  protocols and so I was wondering if you would do the same thing  and ask her if she'd  like to correspond with me, a Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer survivor.




Hello, I am writing to you from Dubai in the United Arabian Emirates where I have a practice as a kinesiologist, nutritionist and diagnostic.

Over the last year I have seen over 130 cases of parasite causing everything from migraine, IBS, Psoriasis, arthritis, cancer, ME, and on and on.

The zapper, though I have not been using your model but a dual frequency model I get from New York, has worked miracles again and again.

People are now flying into Dubai from Europe, Australia and around the region to see me because of the success I have had.

Thank you Hulda, your great discovery will help many people and many of us out there will eventually help you bring it to the notice of recognized medicine where it is so desperately needed. 

I now have a website where several of the more interesting case histories can be seen.




Don't ever stop telling people about Dr. Clarks programs.  I'm telling everyone who will listen especially when i go to the doctor.  I was nearly dead in Jan. 04 of this yr.  White blood count 2600 T-cells 64. 

Full Blown Aids.  Followed the program Dr. Clark has outlined in her books. Viral load was over 750,000.  It's now non detected.  T-cells now 260.  I never missed a day of work with only 64 T-cells. Only because i was taking parasite medicine daily,plus 1/2 gal. of collodial silver.  Doctor wanted to put be on all this medicine.  Told me i was going to die.  I told her my collodial silver  and parasite program has kept me from getting sick.

THIS PROGRAM WORKS!   Another friend has now started the program.  I didn't remove my 2 teeth with silver filings.  I had my dentist talk to Dr. Jerome and he replaced them with some type of composite.  My t cells did drop 20 points after removing mercury and filling with composites. I then used the tooth zappercatior.  I think it has worked since my T-cells are going up. If not I will remove the 2 back teeth.  I do not know how quick they are suppose to go up.

If you would like to talk to me more, feel free to write.  Or leave me your phone Number and i will call you.  I have all the blood work to verify.  Also i sent a whole bag of parasites to the lab and it still came back none found. 

Can u believe this!  Doctor has written everything down i have told  her.  She sits and listens to me and has never disagreed.





Hello David, I feel so heartbroken when people are genuinely trying to help sick people to help themselves, and others, because they cannot or do not want to understand or believe that the protocol being used is working, they try to put a spanner in the works.

However, this is expected, remember the Pharisees and the Saducees in the Bible? Even though they were religious people they didn't even recognise the Messiah when He came and they didn't believe the truth when He spoke. All I can tell you is that I will remember you and Dr. Clark in my prayers for all the hard work you all have been doing in trying to help others.

I can testify that Dr. Clark's protocol worked for me.  I did the kidney cleanse and got rid of a stone , also the liver flush which got rid of my gall stones.

I also used the protocol on my sister who was diagnosed with HIV 2 years ago and even the doctors here can't believe that she has HIV.  The other day she contracted typhoid and within 2 weeks she recovered, all her blood count was normal and the doctor said that most HIV patients don't recover after contracting other diseases because their immune system can't fight it.  She used the zapper, the parasite cleansing, Vitamin B2 and the liver flush.

I just keep reminding her not to entertain Benzene in her system and I know by God's Grace that she will combat this dreadful killer disease. Another young man I know, who was diagnosed with HIV 12 years ago, after I told him about the zapping and parasite cleansing and the Vit B2, got his brother from the US to send him down the whole kit and I can say that he has been healed. He got married 2 years ago, and got a beautiful bouncing baby girl last January.  His wife is free from the virus, which tells me that after using the products made by your Association, he didn't pass on the virus.  It stopped it in its tracks. According to what Dr. Clark explained in her book the cure for HIV/AIDS that the virus will show up in the blood because it was there before, like any other viruses. I want to thank Dr. Clark and your Association for giving us hope.  Who have ears let them hear, who wants to see, will see. All the best in your future endeavors.



Advanced AIDS

From what I personally witnessed occur with my friend, who was diagnosed with advanced "AIDS", which his doctor stated was at least TEN YEARS, one must assume that the HIV-viruses and whatever else, too, as important co-factor(s), had devastated his immune system.  And yet, with his incredibly quick recovery, even made more remarkable because of two extreme surgeries he had just prior to being diagnosed with advanced "AIDS", his over-all recoveries have been nothing less than near-miraculous and astounding, and I do attribute his HIV-non detectable status now directly to Clark's protocol.

David, when I have attempted to inform other people within certain communities, all I have received are blank stares! People simply only want to believe what standard medicine is telling them about "AIDS".

I believe that Dr. Clark's protocol has presented such an important part of the puzzle to over-coming ravages of "AIDS" -- and it may be that her protocol was the ONLY thing that has turned my friend's life around, too; or certainly played the major significant role in his having such a profound and quick drop in HIV-count, one that showed approx. over eighty percent drop within just several weeks of his using Dr. Clark's protocol, per the blood tests!

Had I known that my own words would be 'testimony', I would have done a much better job on my presentation to you (and the public at large) -- and if you wish, I would be happy to re-write my personal statement, too.

Thank You for promoting Dr. Clark's works, David!!





Yes! In fact it took some many months, perhaps about a year, for my friend's CD-4 ratios to turn around for the better and normalize, which is the case now.  Though there is no doubt in my mind, that once he had used Dr. Clark's protocol, that that was the primary and ONLY factor which caused his HIV-counts to drop so dramatically, initially -- it was unbelievable how quickly his HIV-counts dropped initially! The blood tests only count HIV anti-bodies to 750,000, and so after ten years, I assume his HIV count was possibly in the millions.

In any case, he had taken blood tests just prior to Dr. Clark's protocol, and HIV was (over) 750k; and then just about a week later (I have it all written down somewhere here), his count dropped by over 88%! Well, when that happened, his  doctor said nothing!!! And when his count "blipped up" a negligible 19k or so, statistically or percentage-wise that 19k amount was so insignificant, though the doctor at that time practically scared him to death. 

In other words, the blip upward, that 19k or 23k whatever it was on the count, was totally insignificant from the actual dramatic drop that has just been witnessed a couple weeks previously, dropping by potentially millions or by many hundreds of thousands at the very least -- so, I was stunned that a doctor would suggest otherwise, since the actual percentage was so very minor to the real numbers showing that dramatic initial drop (that was still dropping, but for a minor blip upwards after some weeks). 

I suggested to my friend that the cause of the slight increase HIV count could be attributed to any numbers of factors, as discussed in other books

"What If Everything Your Doctor Told You About AIDS Was Wrong" --

Notably the one that totally challenges the HIV hypothesis that HIV, and HIV-alone, causes "AIDS", and shows that a number of different things can cause a false HIV-count (cause false-positive during testings).

In fact, my friend even informed his doctor that he was attempting to cleanse his thymus gland with Dr. Clark's protocol, and his doctor provided virtually not a word of encouragement nor feed back on what had just occurred with that dramatic HIV drop.  His blood tests, before and just after Dr. Clark's protocol, showed undeniable proof that something very dramatic and positive was occurring in his blood.

I felt and believed that when that happened, there was a deliberate falsifying of things by general medicine concerning HIV -- sorry to say, and am rather disillusioned with conventional medicine's procedures when it comes to the many questions surrounding "AIDS" and various issues of diseases. Well, as it was, my friend had also had some warning signs several years previous, when he had contracted an extreme case of full-Bell's palsy.  I believe that was a sign that his immune system  was already being impacted, since that would fit in with the time-frame that his own doctor had diagnosed his 'advanced "AIDS" ' as occurring for at least ten years.  At that time, I had made certain that every several hours he was consuming large mega-doses of Vit-C, and other vit's and herbs, and so within a matter of several weeks, his recovery was astounding!

His own doctor, who had seen thousands of cases of full-Bell's palsy for over thirty years told him he had never witnessed such a dramatic recovery.  And his doctor was compelled to ask him what he had done, inquiring if he had taken anything beyond the standard medicines which he had to him, since such severe cases rarely do not leave lasting physical signs (drooping eye, or facial muscles, or affecting eye-sight, etc). 

His doctor was simply amazed, and he thanked my friend for informing him on the likely importance of the use of mega-doses of Vit-C and other vit's and herbs.

Just before his diagnosis, too, he had had molluscum contagiosum virus invading near his eye and causing some skin facial problems.  He had those removed (which were like skin-growth  "warts"), and has been mostly free of that problem, too, after a number of years.

Well, as a laymen, having read a lot about "AIDS", I feel that there must be other important co-factors involved (which is suggested by Dr. Clark's own research concerning benzene, which I believe to be true, also). 

And, what has always struck me as so very poignant about her own research, is she has single handed by her own efforts sought to focus so much attention on the importance of the thymus gland, showing how it can be cleansed and reactivated!

So, why isn't standard medicine saying more about the probable importance of the thymus gland -- the gland that sends the molecular signals to manufacture those all-important T-cells which standard medicine does not address. 

Well, it is very curious, isn't it?


Advanced AIDS

David, unfortunately, with regard to K K's questions concerning "proof", that is not possible to state clearly, since after my friend's dramatic drop in  HIV count, he then began the standard medicine routines, which I now believe are HARMING his immune system over-all, as the med's are too-powerful.  But I don't know that for certain.  It is only my observations.

He is now HIV negative, and gained that status within just a couple months or so, after Clark's protocol and the usage of COMBIVIR.  Even so, and his numbers were likely in millions with regard to HIV count, his dramatic drop in HIV shows that Clark's protocol was doing something profound to his thymus gland, I must assume.

So, very few patients who are diagnosed with advanced "AIDS" have a zero detect so quickly!



Advanced HIV/AIDS

The results that my friend had after following Dr. Clark's protocol were phenomenal, and un-disputed! And yet his own medical doctor would not even address numbers of incredible things that happened at that time, several years ago, after he followed Dr. Clarks' protocol.

The doctor would not even acknowledge the over NINETY PERCENT immediate drop in HIV-titer count!!!!!! I was very stunned by the MD's lack of recognition. The details are all TRUE!

My friend had, per his doctor's assessments, over TEN YEARS of what was diagnosed to be 'advanced "AIDS"'.  Well, just after several days, AND WE HAVE THE BLOOD TESTS TO PROVE IT, his titer/count dropped dramatically, and it could not be accounted for by any standard medical intervention/medicines, because AT THAT TIME he was not even taking any anti-retroviral medicine! He did not even take one COMBIVIR at that time.  And yet his HIV-count dropped at around 88% and then even more as the weeks passed by.  However, by then he did begin taking COMBIVIR -- which per the medicine's own literature, people will not even begin to see any results for many months later!!!! BUT that was not in his case!!!!!! This is terribly condensed here, due to my own time limitations.  I believe that there may be something involving fasciolopsis buskii, or human flatworm infestation of his THYMUS GLAND, which is very common in meats, and pond water.  We have a big pond, too! So, YES, personally, I believe that there was a big boosting of his auto-immune system after using all of Dr. Clark's protocol.  How else can one account for the very dramatic drop in HIV-count immediately after he took the herbs to cleanse his THYMUS GLAND?! Oh, my friend was entirely mortified at the time, thinking he would die very quickly, and so he took, all the drugs prescribed to this day, and yet he had officially been having HIV greatly reduced just after using Dr. Clark's protocol, though he refuses to talk about it much at all.  He thinks that only standard medicine really works.  He does not know what to think after using Clark's protocol, and his dramatic reduction of HIV!!!! Well, I would say, he was on his way to recovery without any dangerous drugs or COMBIVIR.
A friend who is concerned about so little medical or Major Media discussions about the THYMUS GLAND, even though T-cell count refers to THYMUS GLAND.

So, if the THYMUS GLAND can be reactivated, cleansed, why isn't this being talked about?! Per research way back in 1975, Encyclopedia Britannica, medical researchers were just beginning to think that perhaps, just perhaps, the THYMUS GLAND was not totally attrophied in adults! Thus, so many years later, might it be that medical science now knows and understand the mighty importance of the THYMUS GLAND, which is likely not dead, and can be cleansed....?

One very concerned person       




Noticed that your are still busy advocating Dr.Clark's Protocol.  Good luck to you and the organisation.

I just wanted to share some information with you.  Don' t know if you remember me, from Guyana, the person who used to correspond a lot with you during the time my sister was very sick from the HIV.

Well, last month she finally took some blood tests which the doctor said was very good and they are baffled at how healthy she looks after not using any of their antiretroviral drugs. 

She did all the treatment Dr. Clark suggested to get rid of the virus starting with the zapping and using the Vit B 2, then the parasite cleanse, and liver flush, added to that she used some colloidal silver.

This is the blood test results:




CD4 lymphocytes

355-1215-cells UL


CD8 lymphocytes






CD4,CD8 ratio 

0.85 - 3.51


Flow Comment  - Low CD4 and CD8 ratio

I must say that we all felt heartened to know that someone out there still cares what happens to other people to go to the extent of even suffering badgering from the law and other skeptics, so I will pray that Dr. Clark and your organisation will pull thru it all.




To: Dr. Clark

I was diagnosed with HIV infection two years ago via ELISA/western blot assays.  I have since tested negative for every consecutive PCR test since beginning Dr Clark's benzene, parasite & liver cleanups.

I take ionic silver (500 ppm/day) along with these; however, I am uncertain which is better.  I ionize the silver using hydrogen peroxide 17.5% three times daily in drinking water.  I have never requested another antibody test because I know that I do not have HIV. 

But as you are well aware, people are ignorant and refuse to believe that I can be negative.  Isn't having a negative PCR considered a negative result for HIV infection via orthodox medicine?  And is it possible to convert my antibody status down the road?

I would appreciate your professional explanation at your convenience.  I am a clinical pharmacist, but I am a huge advocate of Dr. Clark.

Thank you for your time




Sorry, I thought u remembered.  She was diagnosed with HIV early last year after her husband died from unknown causes the previous yearend. She was so sick, with headaches, pains in the chest and the doctor thought she had toxoplasma, but the test was negative.  The doctor couldn't tell me what else to do especially after a patient of his died from the same symptoms as my sister stemming from the HIV.

Just in a nick of time, (I had my brother in law, living in the US) order the parasite cleanse for me from your Association and I immediately put her on the high dose of the black walnut hull tincture and within the day, my sister took a turn on the road to good health.

After being on the parasite cleanse,and zapping, she started the mop up programme with the ozonated olive oil and cysteine capsule, then she contracted the herpes virus and I wrote you asking for help and you told me to try the Colloidal Silver.  Well, I didn't get the CS at that point in time, but the hospital gave her Alcovyr (don't know if the spelling is correct).

The doctor whose patient died, told me to keep him informed of my sisters progress and let him know how the treatment is working as he would recommend it. She went to another doctor for a check up and all blood tests showed normal, and the doctor told her to keep on doing whatever it is she's doing. I would like her to have a P24 antigen test done and a CD4 count to determine if the HIV is still active or if the treatment has been successful...then and only then will I contact this doctor again to tell him about Dr. Clark's protocol.

HIV/Aids is prevalent in my small community and a lot of young people are dying from it and when I listened to the programmes that the health officers talk concerning HIV/Aids, it doesn't come close to  Dr. Clark's findings.  The mentality is 'there is no cure'.

I am watching the situation and seriously thinking if my sister is HIV free, to make a breakthrough with Dr. Clark's protocol and maybe have her come here and enlighten our community and even the country.....it is a serious situation. Anyway, I will leave this in God's hand to guide me thru this situation. Another young man has been on the same treatment and got married last year...his wife has no fear of contracting the HIV...as he believed that he has been cured by Dr. Clark's protocol.  This young man's brother, living in the US sent down all the medication as well as the zapper. Well, these are the two people I've been working with up to now and want to thank you for your help again.




I am very glad that your open house was a success. I wanted to be there but was unable to come. I would have told you personally how Dr.Clark's products have helped me tremendously. I want to encourage you to keep up the good work and be encouraged that you are making a difference in people's lives.

I am so grateful to God for having her products and wisdom. I was diagnosed with HIV in 1990 and started medications in the late 90s. I really hated taking the meds because I knew they were creating a toxic environment for my body, but I felt I had no other options.

Then I got a copy of the book and in 2000 stopped taking my meds and started Dr.Clark's program.

My doctor is still amazed at my progress without meds. I showed him Dr. Clark's book when I first stopped my meds, but he was skeptical and didn't believe it. Now there is nothing he can say about it.




On 17/03/03, I received the Zapper Deluxe 2003, which i had ordered.

To make a long story short, I used the zapper as instructed in the manual. For five consecutive days I zapped, using the diagonal method. On the fifth day I felt so sick that I had to stop zapping.

My HIV vl = 53,000 before i started zapping. I had been off medication for 2 yrs. I was not on HIV treatment. On Feb 02, 03 I discussed with my doctor that I resume taking medication.

The Doctor decided that I should have blood work so that we can know where we start from. 

On April 23,03 I visited his office and the results of blood work had been received. He told me that the new vl = 29,000. From 53,000 to 29,000 this is a significant change.  The vl had dropped by 24,000. I was sure that the zapper is responsible for the vl reduction.

Remember, I was not on medication. There was no way the vl can reduce.




Dear Doctor Clark

I am living in South Africa and practicing as a Traditional healer.

So far I have treated over thousand HIV + and Aids patients using partially your suggestions.

I have kept the names and addresses. And had more than 70% success.

If any way I can help let me know.

My web address is http://www.800ga.com



Dear Dr Clark and Staff:

I would like to start off by saying Thank you for all the great work  that you have done and are doing.

I tested HIV+ four years ago and vowed at that time that I would not go onto medication.

As fate would have it, I stumbled across Dr Clark's incredible book "The cure for HIV & Aids".  This book certainly changed my life and to date I have had ABSOLUTELY no illness!

I did the full program then, but am now starting again to stay healthy.




Subject: Greetings from NY

Well, to all a Happy Holiday!

I am home after my 6 week stay with the incredible Dr. Clark and her staff.

This I can see will be a great year. Everyday I am clearing up all this deadly matter in my body.

Dr. Clark is a genius and never stops. Her energy, enthusiasm, love, and intelligence is amazing and contagious. She doesn't settle she will dig deep to find the problem for sure. Her assistant is also most intelligent and kind.

The success of plate zapping is taking over. I am also using magnets daily.  Colonies of parasites have been found and a lot in my brain, working on the emotional problems that I carry. I am still waiting for blood test results to see the progress of the HIV status.

After 2 weeks there, the viral load went down from 25,000 to 16,000. This was done without meds folks!! I don't know why anyone would want to put these deadly toxins from the meds in our bodies when we have so many to get rid of in the first place. It's because we are scared and don't know better. We don't want to die of AIDS. WELL, I don't have that fear anymore. I think I will be negative to it soon. But as people have said, you must follow the protocol.

However, I feel that it is real hard to without a synchrometer tester at hand. All my food was tested there, I ended up renting an apartment and cooking, which was great practice for me. She was quite impressed that the things I made passed free of dyes, parasites, benzene and all. She tests food all the time to keep a variety at the restaurant. The medication I have been taking for 2 years had dyes in them, so I had to get ones in Mexico. Why is the country killing us!! I have too much dye, so I can't even eat fish now, she said it might be in the water, or in the antiseptic they use.

I really urge people with HIV to take this opportunity and be one of her guests. How would you feel being free of a killer disease without the harm of side effects and toxins of meds, and clearing up any other ailments? You will need money for dental and supplements and devotion to this protocol. I had tendonitis in my upper arms for 2 years. Thought it was from working at the computer 10 hours a day. Couldn't get help from chiropractor nor physical therapy. After one liver cleanse they are so much better. My migraines came back after 16 years, but that is clearing up. Have to stay away from allergens, like cheese.

We may get sicker before better, how can we not when such things are leaving my body. So zapping and rest are real important. I am going to try to see if I can stay on disability, I am not too sure how to explain I can't work cause I have to zap my feet for 8 hours a days and rest, to an insurance company. I am going to try to build up my freelance business so I don't have to work for toxic people in toxic places.

I think it may take a year to finally be well. But it is so worth it. My mind is clearer and guess what IT'S NOT OUR FAULT!!! Benzene is all around us, PCB's are killing us and I am so scared of how many sick people there will be in the years to come. We have to work together somehow and wake up this country. Europe and even Mexico won't allow things like genetically altered items and deadly dyes in our meds and foods in their country.

I still have a lot to learn to catch up with most of you. I was so busy shopping here and there for foods that were tested clean and cooking and traveling, that I can study now more at home. I'll have to admit I don't follow rules to well, I make up my own most the time, but she put up with me and was impressed by my nature and said I had great potential.

God Bless all and blessing for a great New Year.




Nice to see a prompt reply from you.. Thanks a lot.

I have read the book on "Cure for HIV and AIDS" written by Dr Clark from cover to cover and I fully understood each and every part of it. As I said in my previous mail the person using "Parasite cleanse Program" was gaining some momentum and he was able to talk and his symptoms were slowly being downsized.

When ever I talk to him he always asks me one and only one question is this disease curable? Will I be able to regain my past life back or will I die.  I am saying to him that it will be cured since Dr Clark has mentioned in her book that 53 persons were cured of this HIV/AIDS in 1991 and I am quoting this as an example to him. But when I read some articles about this disease in some journals related to allopathy they say that the medicine for this disease have not yet been found.

I strongly believe what Dr Clark has written in her book and telling him to strictly follow accordingly and he will be cured. Since I cannot talk personally with Dr Clark. I am sending this e-mail to you as you are a very close associate of her.

Is this disease Curable. Has anyone got rid of this disease recently.

I have not found any person to ask this question so I am writing to you this question.


Thank you very much for your response to my e-mails. I am very excited to say that my friend who has been using Dr Huda Clarks medication for HIV positive status is recovering. All the symptoms like Fever, Night Sweats, Swollen Glands, weakness etc have all been reduced and he says he is ok now.




Dear Dr Clark and staff, after living with HIV for 15+ years, your program for the eradication of this virus has worked wonders for me.

Now I would like to help get the word out.

Please let me know what I can do to make a difference. I have a friend who has been on meds for twelve years and it is wrecking his body, and I'm just now introducing him to your program. How do you think I should proceed.

Words are not enough,

but thank you!!          




Dear sir,

I came across Indian version of madam Dr. Clark’s book

"HIV/AIDS cure" two months back. Basically I am an Electronics engineer.

 As a hobby I learnt homoeopathy and treating poor people free of cost. I am treating a lady of 40 years age with HIV, as advised by Dr. Clark in the above mentioned book.

The zapper I modified a little bit, so that the frequency continuously varies from 200khz to 800khz in every two seconds automatically. Parasite killing program, worms treatment and other advises are followed in the same way.

The treatment is being given to the patient since one month. Previously the patient was with continuous fever and diarrhea, not able to walk. Allopathic treatment failed totally in her case. Miraculously, after starting Dr. Clark’s treatment with in a week her fever gone, diarrhea stopped. After a month she is leading a normal life. Previously she was not able to walk even but now she runs and climbs the steps comfortably. 

She took back all the house work from her husband. Dr. Clark saved her and brought back happiness in their home.

I came to know of the arrest of madam Dr. Clark. Punishing her, instead of awarding, is a great sin. May God give her enough strength to fight out the situation and to do further service to mankind.

My regards to madam. My good wishes to you and the team.

Thanking you,






Dear Dr. Albicocchi,

my name is Claudia and it is many years that I follow Dr. Clark’s protocols. I have also participated at seminars and meetings and  have always used Dr. Clark’s cleanses. However up to now I have never had experienced miraculous healings or manifestations on myself as the ones I have read on the internet or heard from friends.

Last summer my father was diagnosed with Parkinson. My father, a pilot and  still young (63 years old) is a very dynamic person and full of energy but his face was starting to show the grimaces  of those that suffer from this chronic neurological illness.  It 'sbeen a battle  to send  him on his own without my mom for the detox weekend organized by you in September. The result was amazing. In only 6 days my father changed completely.  He no longer had spots on his face, the gray veil on his face disappeared completely, he was moving his articulations very well and his paralyzed hand that he was not able to use anymore was functioning perfectly. It seemed like a dream. We must really thank you and your staff for believing in Dr Clark’s protocols and for making these effective protocols available to all. Continue in your fight  for making Dr. Clark’s protocols available! Do not stop. Thank you




Dear Sir/Madam

My name is Stephen and I am 22 years old. When I was 18 I found I was no longer producing any insulin and was declared a type-1 diabetic. A year later I happened to meet Dr. E.D. who introduced me to Dr Clark’s book on cancer prevention. To my amazement he managed to completely stop me taking insulin after removing Eurytrema pancreaticum and brucella mellitis  from my body plus the excess of gallic acid and phloridzin.

Unfortunately, after 2 years I have made more accumulations of these substances. Though I bought Dr Clark’s book, I still am not clearabout the foods containing these allergens. The list in the book is based on U.S. products and not on Italian foods, so I was wondering if there is a research on Italian foods, in particular on olive oil and flour. Moreover I am not very clear whether boiling vegetables for 5 minutes is enough to remove phloridzin and gallic acid, or this practice is valid only for some products.

Kind regards

S.T., June 2009 



I am a 74-year old man, a heavy smoker, divorced with 2 daughters. I live alone in Lazio. In November 2006, following a simple routine blood test to find the cause of my constant fatigue and general weakness, I was diagnosed with a fairly aggressive Leukemia that my hematologist thought best to hide from me. In fact, he was at first very vague about my disease and prescribed Oncocarbide tablets. Believing it was a simple blood dysfunction, I didn’t tell my 2 daughters in order not to worry them unnecessarily. But the drugs nailed me down in bed, more tired and weaker than before, giving me repeated nauseas. After a month of being unable to stand on my two feet, I decided to go see my family doctor, who, looking at my blood tests, said in surprise: "But you have leukemia, didn’t your hematologist tell you?"

The world crashed down on me in seconds, and I fell into the deepest depression, probably due to the sudden, unexpected revelation for which I was totally unprepared psychologically.

I decided it was time to inform my family. My eldest daughter has been very skeptical of official medicine from a very young age. Shewas very angry about the behavior of the neurologist for "deliberately failing" to inform me about the type of medication he prescribed and for "willfully failing" to ask for my opinion – an unethical and shameful act. She did some research on the drug he had prescribed and immediately informed me that my hematologist had put me on chemotherapy. She phoned him and asked very specific questions in order to prevent him from further humming and hawing.So he finally admitted that I would not live to see the summer, giving me about 6 months of remaining life.

Under my daughter’s pressing entreaties, seeing the discouraging results of subsequent blood tests and being unable to further stand the side effects of a drug that prevented me from having any kind of life (the effects were worse than the disease itself), I decided to stop all types of treatment.

In the meanwhile my daughter did some research on leukemia through the internet and found the Dr Clark website. I agreed to move in with her for a couple of months, so that she would help me follow the Clark treatment, combining the intake of Homeographic drops with zapping sessions, with a couple of sessions of ozone therapy and a dietary change. I also stopped drinking tap water and went to stock up on water from a nearby spring. We monitored new blood tests from time to time, and after a month of daily therapy all the blood values took the direction of improvement for the first time.

Although I haven’t managed to quit smoking, after almost a year of Clark treatment the red blood cells, which had been quickly halved by the disease, have gradually though slightly increased (about 15 - 20%), while the number of white blood cells, nearly doubled by the leukemia, has been lowered by 35%.

Today I am still alive, although very thin and sometimes very tired. But I have got past the death sentence announced meby my neurologist for the month of June, and I am preparing to celebrate Christmas, which is almost upon us. 


MS Multiple Sclerosis

Testimony of N.G., suffering from multiple sclerosis

I'm 35, I live in the south of France. Almost 5 years ago I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis after several falls, each one due to a sudden motor block of the right leg, followed by dizziness and gradual loss of vision.  The plaques were present both in the spinal cord at lumbar level, and in the two brain hemispheres.

I lived in fear of ending up in a wheelchair soon, and I knew that the average survival span with this disease is 15-20 years at most. Being aware the utter uselessness of the interferon suggested (in bad faith) by the health system as the ONLY means of even slightly opposing the crises caused by this disease, and having personally witnessed the unpleasant consequences caused by the side effects of this drug, I decided not to follow the proposed treatment and to seek solutions that could be acceptable to my body. We found the G5 (the organic silica of Loic Le Ribault) and I became a vegetarian, following a fat-free diet, and avoiding like plague the monosodium glutamate that is often used by the food industry today. Thanks to all this, the plaque patches disappeared from the spine in just over a year.

Unfortunately the plaques in the brain were always present and active, and at every crisis (about 3 or 4 a year, including the August crisis, always the strongest and most devastating because of the great heat) my condition worsened more and more, compelling me to use cortisone to regain control of my legs, especially the right one, which I often had to drag after less than a kilometer’s walk, not to mention my sight, which became so blurred as to appear like a cloud of faded colors after each crisis.

Then, a year ago, I learned about Dr. Clark’s zapper, and I saw on your site that there is a program specifically designed for this disease, as well as for other viruses, parasites and bacteria. After the first 2 weeks I felt the difference. I could easily travel about 4 kilometers before the leg began to act up. Today I can face life with more serenity because I haven’t had any crisis for the entire year, not even the dreaded August crisis! What saddens me most is that the former neurologist who had taken charge of my case, despite the disappearance of the plaques in the spine and the lack of crises following the use of the zapper, instead of being happy with my progress, has begun to blackmail me, denying me any further diagnostic test if I did not accept the interferon treatment (from which I wonder how much he might have cashed in). Needless to say, I dismissedhim in no uncertain terms. This narrow-minded and skeptical attitude of the medical establishment often forces me to change doctor. Never mind. Thanks to Dr Clark I am regaining my health, and along with it, my hopes of a long life in serenity, knowing that there won’t be any crutches or wheelchair waiting for me. Thank you, Dr. Clark. 



Dear Cristina,

It is now nearly 5 months since I started using the Clarkprotocol under the supervision of Dr. Silvia Alibicocchi, and I must say I have achieved importantresults.
In fact, my ulcerative colitis was significantly reducedboth as to the inflammation, and to the extent of the affected section. Clinical testsimproved and theSyncrometer saliva exams testify to a nice and cleanedorganism, while I continue withthe latest cleansesand the maintenance.

A little over a monthagomy wifestarted the treatment, too. She did not have active inflammatory processes, but symptoms associated with thyroid dysfunction and allergies, and the first test she took showed she was a ZOO (as saidby the Doctor), such was the loadof pollutants and parasitesfound.

My son A, who has autism as I told youat the beginning, had a huge load of heavy metals, mercuryto begin with,which istypical of his syndrome. He also had a significant load of parasites (including shigella), and solvents + pollutants. Butapart from the initial zapping and anti-parasite cycles with occasionalmaintenance repeats, we have not continued theClarktherapy, as we decided, for the moment, to follow a different protocol of holistic-homeopathic medicine with Vollelectro-acupuncturetests, which shows greater experiencewith the treatment ofautism.
But, since we expect to do a series of programs of soft chelation and/or drainage of heavy metals, I was thinking of adding some things fromthe Clark system,too,such asL-A and L-G. Moreover, I read one of your testimonials (file 4024) where coriander oil and "electrics” were tested to this aim. Could you please give me more information aboutthis,and possibly about other ways,already tested to this purpose (mercury isthe greatestvillain).

Thank you. Yours,




ps on January 4th I went down with a fever and dysentery. I treated myself with antibiotics. I lost weight and was very constipated. I was very weak. I treated myself with teas for the intestines, but I could not recover. So Dr Clark’s bowel program came to my mind, and I decided to try. I must say it worked really well. I was still in turmoil halfway and during the whole of the treatment till the end, then, as if by magic, the stomach was free: It was no longer swollen and sore, and the intestine was and still is as flat as described in the book. I'm really satisfied.

At this point I tell my friends: if they can’t recover with the "official" treatments, they can find a cure with DR Clark's treatments. GB 




My name is AF. I am an osteopath and I solved my serious and crippling problem of endometriosis through the medical and scientific methodology of Dr. Clark.

3 years of menopause and a year of drug-induced menopause through Decapeptil gave me no results. So, at age 24 (being now 32), I was prescribed a total hysterectomy. I don't know why or how, maybe by miracle, someone suggested a Milan doctor who treats patients with the Clark method. His name is Emilian Dobrea. Thanks to his treatment I started feeling better in 6 months' time. After a year, I was clinically cured, and I have been treating myself with this method for 8 years now.

Last summer I bought Dr. Clark's books on doctor Dobrea's suggestion, so I have studied and understood her method, which I find extremely interesting. I also bought some of the products and the zapper from your site. Now I zap everybody at home with the "macchinetta" (little device), as we call it. I am going to buy the book about cancer prevention.

Please let me know when you next hold a seminar in Italy, possibly translated into Italian, as I'm really interested in understanding the subject better. I wish it could be combined with osteopathic treatment.

Thank you.

Please always keep me updated
Best regards



Crohn's Disease

I would like to bring to the attention of anyone in need, that the synergy of the Clark method, the new Physiospect as well as an accurate  properly integrated nutrition, have produced an unexpected result in the treatment of Crohn's disease that I could define currently in remission without 'chemical destruction of the immune defenses. Caution is required with this chronic autoimmune disease but the quality of results produced by all the above mentioned actions and perseverance allowme say that the quality of life has been positively influenced in a short time, with a resumption of normal daily activities (school, work, hobbies) that the disease had gradually made ​​ impossible. Thank you for introducing me to this new method  that has helped to reach the goal of balance.

Kindly, mother of S.  


Eye Infection

Dear Readers,

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with uveitis in my left eye. My eye doctor sent me to an eye specialist in order to understand the cause. But this was not the case. No medication helped either. My sight worsened. I was threatened with blindness. If the cortisone treatment would not have yielded any positive results, the hospital would then plan to operate me.  It was then that I heard from a naturopath from Viersen called Heike Siemes who worked according to Dr. Clark protocols. I wanted to give her a try. After testing my saliva with the syncrometer, she noticed that in the past I had had toxoplasmosis and that it was still present in my eye in a latent form. She treated me according to Dr. Clark’s protocols with the parasite cleanse.

At my next check-up in the hospital, they noticed that my eyesight had increased from 30% to 70%. The doctors were not interested in the alternative procedure that I did. I am convinced that since one year and a half of cortisone yielded no positive results, Dr. Clark’s procedure deserves all the merit.

In conclusion, I can say that thanks to Frau Siemes, the operation is not necessary anymore and my eyesight continues to improve.

Stefannie Zoller, Remschied, Germany 



Dear Mrs. Siemes,

Beginning this year, you noticed with bio-resonance an intolerance to cow milk and wheat. Based on this, I changed my eating habits and I felt instantly better. The intolerances were also treated by bio-resonance.

I was not sick, but nonetheless I felt an impressive and significant improvement. This encouraged me , and why not, to check my body more in detail and to clean it out.. I did the parasite cleanse, the kidney and liver cleanse.  These should probably be done once a year.  This felt good for prevention and maintenance of good health. Then something unexpected arrived: the month of May. No, the month of May was not unexpected.. to the contrary, but what I was expecting in the month of May was my usual hay fever. This time however, I had no symptoms whatsoever.  I didn’t think this would have happened since we didn’t even treat my hay fever since I didn’t even mention this problem of mine to you.

In any case, this was a direct and very impressive result of the whole therapy and cleanses. It confirms that when the body is freed of toxins and other undesired substances and when all the function disorders and imbalances before the symptoms are present, then one removes the basis of many sicknesses without the need to treat each single illness directly and long before they develop.

This is pure prevention.

I thank you

Helmut Remse 


CROHN’S DISEASE – August 9th, 2006

Dear Mrs. Siemes,

I send you hereunder the course of my sickness:
Dec 1st, 2003 – Surgery of the intestine – discovery of Crohn’s disease – further treatment with  cortisone  and salofalk up to the next crisis where I ended up on

Feb 27th, 2005  - in the hospital. Diagnosis – Crohn’s disease with inflamed stenosis. Therapy treatment – elevated dose of cortisone. Since I did not agree to  increase the dosage of the cortisone, I contacted

March 9th, 2005 Frau Heike Siemes that was recommended to me. After a test with the syncrometer, I did  the kidney cleanse, the bowel program and the liver cleanse as suggested by Frau Heike Siemes. In this way I was able to eliminate the cortisone altogether.

Today I take no cortisone and no salofalk.  Other than boswellia serrata and Vitamin B complex I take no other medication and I have no discomfort whatsoever. 


Shingles and Psoriasis

Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 18:23:43 EDT

Dear David:

Back in October, I noticed a rash developing across my lower abdomen and left forearm. I assumed it was shingles (zona) from the stress of Sept 11th.

I have had complete success treating shingles with aromatherapy before on a massage therapy client who was diagnosed with shingles much to the amazement of his medical doctor. But five months later, even though it was much better on my abdomen, it was much worse on my forearm. I could not figure it out.

I went to a naturopathic doctor who told me that it was psoriasis. I had never had psoriasis before. She gave me several intelligent recommendations to follow regarding supplementation, rest, and diet. She was pleased when I told her that I would be doing the Dr. Clark parasite and kidney cleanses immediately.

That day I looked up psoriasis in the Cure For All Diseases (pg. 193) which said that it was caused by ascaris and/or trichinella from contact with cats or dogs in the home. I have two cats in my apartment so I took two teaspoons of black walnut hull tincture in some water that evening. 

Within two days the psoriasis disappeared on my abdomen and within a week from my forearm and it has never come back. I was suffering from this rash for five months and tried every dermatitis cream that looked reputable to no avail.

Now I take my black walnut hull tincture every Sunday as a maintenance against these two parasites to which I am exposed via my household cats.

"FM"  MT


Familial Tremors – (1 mtr. worms seen) Cleansing & Zapper

My name is J K. When I was nine years old I was diagnosed with Familial Tremors. I was told it was a genetic disorder and there was nothing I could do about it.

For 15 years I took large amounts of Inderal every day just to function, but my hands and head still shook so bad that I often had to have help with daily activities, writing, eating, shaving etc.

Through a friend I was introduced to Zapping, herbal health and cleansing. Today I rarely take medicine and I'm able to live and function independently.

I still shake but nothing compared to before. What has amazed me is that despite all the amazing improvements in my health my doctors have shown no interest at all in how it was accomplished.

Polite disinterest, disbelief, and sometimes outright sarcasm have been the response.

The first time I Zapped I pulled meter long worms out of my nose.

My older brother is a biochemist so I've often had access to the labs at his university.

He didn't believe me until we looked at them under a microscope. He's now a believer.

The improvements to my life and health have been immeasurable, so is my gratitude to Dr. Clark for her work.

I wanted to write and say thank you and also ask a few questions? 

What is the best way to cleanse the brain? Especially the glands and lower portions?

Does the tooth zapper effect those areas of the brain as well?

And have you had any other patients with tremors.

Any help or response you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thank you again.

J K (Sweden)


Seizures, Cleanses and Zapper

Dear Cristina,

I was given your name by a lady I befriended at the Dr. Clark Research Association ,and she said that I should ask you the questions that she was not able or in some cases allowed to answer. I would really appreciate your input and possibly your thought's on this matter. Thank you in advance.

For about 3 1/2 to 4 yrs. now I've been trying to deal with a seizure disorder that I picked up 13 yrs. ago at the age of 42.

I am a male, medium to small build, that worked in a garbage company with a fleet of about 100 trucks or more. I was the preventative maintenance mechanic at the time. I changed oil in all trucks, changed all fluids when necessary, antifreeze, motor oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, battery acid, parts cleaner, and you can see where this is going,

I was in all kinds of hazardous, toxic, and sometimes deadly components of the work field. Besides all these things, was also the parasites that garbage trucks breed with their existence.

Now back to Dr. Clark, and her therapy's. I have been trying to cure myself of this seizure disorder, (because the Doctors in this country say there is no cure, so take drugs) by killing parasites, doing kidney flushes, doing liver flushes, zapping, and taking many, many,  different types of herbs prescribed by Dr. Clark. While doing these body cleanses, and body flushes. While trying to kill the parasite that causes seizures, with protocol and zapper.

I accidentally got rid of a 20 -22 yr. bout with ulcerative colitis, a small miracle in itself.

The seizure disorder has improved very much, in as much as the seizures have decreased in number, they have decreased in severity, they are less frequent, less violent, and generally speaking they are less of a curse, less of an embarrassing situation, but the bottom line is the seizures are still there, controlling my life, and my freedoms.

I've had some success with Dr. Clark's mop up program. The Seizures left for about a week only to return, and let me know that my efforts were not successful.

I am between a rock and a hard spot. My family has all but given up on me. They have quit coming around to visit, the seizure disorder has destroyed many a friendship, and has greatly limited if not destroyed my income earning ability. Enough about crying in my present and in my past.

My question to you is what if anything can I do to kill these parasites in the brain that are causing seizures. I have just recently purchased a duration chip for my zapper that runs for an hour straight at the exact frequency of the ascaris lumbrocoides, which Dr. Clark says are always present in seizures candidates. I haven't had it long enough to prove it's ability positive or negative.

If there's anything that you think I should be doing, that I haven't done, please feel free to return my e-mail with your suggestions, for I would be greatly appreciative of your wisdom.

I would like to thank you in advance for your considerations. I do not have a syncrometer, and do not enjoy it's benefits. I have all her books  (Dr. Clark), I have a portable ozone machine, a zapper, and I've done all her body flushes, with some success, curing health ailments that I didn't even know I had.

Dr. Clark is a true blessing to mankind, it's too bad her protocols are not medically accepted in this country. Penna.,U.S.A.

Thank you again for your wisdom on this matter. Keep up this blessing to mankind, for as mankind seeks the truth, this wisdom will forever become more popular.

May God Bless you, Dr. Clark and all naturopaths, keep up the good work!

"L G"



  1. My son has healed psoriasis that covered his shins, forearms and scalp for well over ten years using the Dr. Clark protocols, particularly the parasite, liver and kidney cleanses plus zapping.  Having  expected to live his life with this problem, he is elated.

  2. My lower back pain/stiffness which had troubled me for 5 years or so and which I had attributed to early arthritis disappeared after my second kidney cleanse.  Parasite cleanses, liver flushes and zapping are a standard practise.

  3. With only one liver flush behind her, shoulder pains that bothered my wife for some time which were also attributed to early arthritis have disappeared.  Parasite cleanses, kidney cleansing and zapping have been invoked also.



Parasites and Cleanses

My daughter was exposed to pinworms..( which I hardly believed)... and we have had a cat for almost a year now.... and I was sitting at the computer and somehow put everything that had been going on and concluded that I needed to consider a parasite cleanse.

First I started with Black Walnut, and Garlic.. and immediately noticed a change. It was difficult to find Wormwood, and Cloves... but I found them in an extract at 2 separate stores.

I have to tell you it has only been about 4 days... but I can see and feel an immediate change. I have always had what I considered good physical health, so it sickens me to think about how long this may have actually been going on, and how it affected not just my body ... but my ability to handle stress..   I think about all of the diseases that are hereditary... and think how sad it is how many problems may be simply caused by parasites...

We think we are so sophisticated in this society.. and we have so many amenities that we cant imagine that these parasites exist within us and change a lot about who we are.

My aunt loves martini's ... and the vermouth is so bitter. Yet, now I wonder .. is that just her body wanting the cleansing power of Wormwood... my nephew is overweight.. and when he was younger would hide sweets in his room.. ashamed... yet is that just a parasite .. .craving sugar.

I could go on… but I really want to thank you for your research.



Neurological MS

I'm 35 and live South of France. 5 years ago after various falls, each caused by a blockage of my right leg, followed by dizziness and gradual loss of my eyesight, MS was diagnosed.

The plaques were present in my lombar spinal marrow and in the brain in both hemispheres. I lived in terror with the thought of being in a wheelchair.

Aware that Interferon was not a solution and having personally experienced the side-effects of it, I decided to look for other solutions.

We found G5 (an organic silica of Loic Le Ribault) and I became vegetarian following a diet free of oil and avoiding monosodium glutammate.

Thanks to this, in a little less than a year, the plaques in the lombal spine disappeared, but the ones in the brain were still present and active and with every crisis (about 3 or 4 a year of which the one that I would get in August was always the strongest and devastating due to the heat), my condition worsened forcing me to take Cortison in order control my legs especially my right leg which I would have to drag along after less than 1 km of walking, not to mention my eyesight which worsened with every crisis forming like a cloud of opaque colours.

About a year ago, I found out about the Zapper of Dr. Clark and on your website I noticed there was a specific key for my sickness besides others for viruses, parasites and bacteria. After 2 weeks of zapping I already felt a difference. I could now walk 4 kilometers before my leg would start to act up.

Today I can cope with life with serenity since I haven't had a crisis for the whole year, not even the mostly feared one in August!.

What saddens me is that my first neurologist that treated my case, even though aware of the disappearing of the plaques in my spine and of improvement thanks to the zapper, instead of being happy for my progress, has started to blackmail me, refusing to do any further diagnostic tests if I don't accept to treat myself with Interferon.

This sceptical, narrow-minded mentality from the medical side has forced me to change doctor very often. But it doesn't matter.

Thanks to Dr. Clark I am conquering my health back and my hope of a long serene life knowing that there will not be any wheelchair or crutches waiting for me.

Thank you Dr Clark.


MS, Crohn's and ZAPPER

I was struck down by Multiple Sclerosis in 1989 when I was 40 and was bedridden for a number of months. My legs were like lead posts, just dead weight. My arms and hands were so numb and my coordination so poor that I could not feed myself or dress myself. I had excruciating nerve pain. I will not go through all the details here. Suffice it to say I was in big trouble. Unable to function, I instinctively used my mind to create visualizations and affirmations in order to start the healing process. I decided right from the start that MS was not for me. I am very strong-willed and also open-minded. This was the key to my overcoming MS.

At first, I worked with diet and supplements and forced myself to become mobile through sheer willpower. I abandoned visits to the neurologists. The only thing they could do was to take MRI's of the brain and spinal cord and find lesions typically associated with MS. But they had no idea how to recover from MS. Neither did the MS Society. So, I was on my own. I tried various therapies but my energy level remained poor.

Then I faced Crohn's Disease. I discovered that the key to my healing was detoxification. Every one who has MS must have a history of exposure to toxic metals and/or chemicals, in my opinion. As I detoxified I improved. And I improved dramatically.

Today, I lead a completely normal life. I have energy to burn from morning to night, lots of energy. I can take a 100 degree celsius sauna or steam bath for 10 minutes.

One of the things that has helped me regain my health is an electronic device called the Zapper. It was developed by Hulda Clark, Ph.D., N.D. and she discusses it in her book "The Cure for All Diseases". She asserts that there are parasites involved in many pathological processes, and bacteria and viruses may also be involved. The Zapper produces a wave form, a positive offset square-wave, that can kill these single-celled pathogens. So, it can, for example, help rid the body of shigella bacteria that she says is found in people with MS.

I became so enthused with the benefits bestowed by this device that I started making them myself and experimented with prototypes.






  EASY to use
  3.1 Mhz RF Carrier Wave (deep penetration)
  Highest frequency range (ALL Rife Freqs)
  9 Times Higher Output than others
  Runs Multiple Frequencies (up to 8)
  Generates Audio and Radio frequencies
  Runs Sine and Square waves
  Has other features that competitors do not
  Optional Amplifiers for even more Power
  Plasma Tube Broadcast available
This frequency generator is the most powerful, versatile, and complete device you'll find.

Closest thing to an actual Rife machine that exists, whether you prefer direct contact or broadcast method.

Email us for immediate complete details



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