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We are asked daily, 'how does yours compare to this?', or 'compare this device to that device', etc... so we have a simple comparison chart we put together to make it easier to know what you're getting.  However, we noticed some inaccuracies, so for the time being we've taken it off this page.  For now, if you have question about a particular device, please email us directly.   The device we prefer and use is not a ProWave (discontinued), Wellness Pro, Global Wellness (discontinued), Energy Wellness (discontinued), Detox Box, JW Labs, RPG 900 (discontinued), Bio Solutions PERL, Plasma Plus, Spooky, or EMEM type frequency generator.




If you're searching for good information on the history of Royal Rife and his devices, this site has a lot of wonderful details on the history and background: www.rifevideos.com



  EASY to use
  3.1 Mhz RF Carrier Wave (deep penetration)
  Highest frequency range (ALL Rife Freqs)
  Higher Power Output than others
  Runs Multiple Frequencies (up to 8)
  Generates Audio and Radio frequencies
  Runs Sine and Square waves
  Has other features that competitors do not
  Optional Amplifiers for even more Power
  Plasma Tube Broadcast available
This frequency generator is the most powerful, versatile, and complete device you'll find. Closest thing to an actual Rife machine that exists, whether you prefer direct contact or broadcast method.


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