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Product Disclaimer and Policies


Before you buy our Rife machine, see and understand the disclaimers here.

We do not make any inferences that this device is for medical treatment.  All of the information expressed herein regarding the frequency generator and related equipment must be considered theoretical and unproven.  Any utilization of the frequency generator and all related equipment must be for personal experimental research only.

The information contained here is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information in this document is not to be used to replace the services or instructions of a physician or qualified health care practitioner.

Frequency Rising makes no claims whatsoever, expressed or implied, nor guarantee any effects whatsoever that any electronic equipment, parts, and/or accessories may have, and shall not be liable for the same. Moreover, Frequency Rising is not responsible whatsoever for any problems arising or resulting from the use, abuse, or misuse, intentionally or unintentionally, of any of the products being sold due to any circumstances beyond its reasonable control. Furthermore, any of the products being sold by Frequency Rising are for experimental use only, and any information being presented by Frequency Rising is public knowledge and for research purposes only. In any case, Frequency Rising shall have no other liability.

Do not construe the list of experimental findings as being medically proven, but use it as an experimental starting point for your own reaearch.  Absolutely no medical claims are made or implied for the effectiveness of any frequencies in treating illnesses. The use of the frequency instrument and all related equipment, with literature expressed herein regarding them, must be considered theoretical, educational, and for experimental research only.

The statements contained on these pages have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

RETURN POLICY:  We will refund the full purchase price - minus shipping charges and a 10% restocking fee - within 60 days of receipt of product.  All items must be received in their original condition and sent back in the original boxes, or additional fees may be assessed. No returns will be accepted after 60 days from date you receive the product order.  Please keep all packing material and boxes.
2 YEAR WARRANTY: The 20MHz Frequency Generator and both Amplifiers have a full two-year warranty.  * The Master Oscillator Power Amplifier has limited warranty on parts and labor.  (Only exception: 90 days on the 812a vacuum tube.) This 812a vacuum tube should not be confused with the Pyrex Plasma Gas Filled Tube which will last for more than 15 to 20 years.
SHIPPING POLICY:  Orders are shipped factory-direct.  Free U.S.A. shipping is Priority Mail or Fedex Ground. We are not responsible for the courier delivery to be on time.  Every courier has been late on occasion. For Express shipping, call for quote.  

For contact method users: 3 separate packages are shipped: 1 with Generator (and SR4 Amplifier), 1 with your Accessory Kit, and 1 with your free gifts from us.  

Plasma Tube users: 5 separate packages are shipped: 1 with Generator, 1 with M.O.P.A., 1 with your Accessory Kit, 1 with the Plasma Light Tube, and 1 with your free gifts from us.

TRAINING & SUPPORT:  The equipment comes with training manuals and video guides.  In addition, we offer free personal training and support for as long you own your machine.  We urge you to take advantage of this free training.  Those that do usually see faster results  (We have people we've been talking with over 15  years.) 


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Acknowledgment: By placing an order here, you acknowledge that you have read our Policies and Product Disclaimers.

Build your own Kit here.  Choose the items you want and add them to the cart. (A new window will pop up when you add an item to the cart.)
What you need to get started:   The 20MHz Frequency Generator and the Accessory Kit.
Optional products:  Amplifiers, plasma tube, carry case, extra wrist wraps.
EASY to use. Almost 900 Preset Programs.

20,000,000 Hz  Frequency Generator $1,825

Highest frequency range. 20,000,000Hz
Highest Power, 4.7 Watts (15 Watts w/Amplifier)
Run 8 frequencies simultaneously. (Huge time saver!)
Run Audio (low) AND RF (high) frequencies.
Run Sine and Square waves.
Many other features that competitors do not.
DVD and Paper Instructions.
Free Unlimited Training and Support

The $1825 is for the generator only. You will also need the Accessory Kit seen below to use the generator.



The Accessory Kit - $149

This Kit is sold separately by another company here.

Includes 'The New Universal Frequency Listing' (includes the preset 'Auto Channels' for 100's of conditions and 1000's of various organisms), along with Hand Cylinders and Foot/Body Plates. (These are used for the "direct contact'' method.) 

Contact us for details.



15/30 Watt Amplifier (contact method) - $620

ADD MORE POWER for even better results. Especially helpful for larger people.


   Carry Case - $140

Convenient way to pack, store, and travel.  * May differ slightly from item shown.

Conductive Wrist Cuffs, 2 Pairs - $49
Comfortable elastic Super Cuffs accommodate wrists of all sizes and are guaranteed to provide adequate contact for proper conduction.

1 Pair free with Generator

Note: No returns due to personal nature of use.

Super Straps compared with normal wristband
Conductive Wrist Straps - Free w/Generator
May be used instead of the hand cylinders. (One pair FREE with generator purchase.)


The 2 items here below are for those who wish to 'BROADCAST' the signal..


190 Watt Master Oscillator Power Amplifier - $2645

The MOPA is a powerful amplifier designed to replicate the design of Rife's "Rife Ray #5 Beam Ray Clinical Instrument" that was used by the doctors from 1938 through the early 1960's.  Allows for hands free application. 

Plasma Tube - $375    

(Sold Separately).......


PLEASE NOTE: the plasma tube assembly is sold separately from another company. This plasma tube is made of Pyrex and is a 2" inch round by 14" inch long Helium/Argon filled tube. It is guaranteed to handle the power output of the M.O.P.A. Amplifier (The amplifier comes with a two year warranty, but if any other plasma tube is used there is no warranty.)


International Shipping:  $80 - $300

For non-USA orders, shipping VARIES, depending on location and what is purchased.  2-4 boxes are shipped separately.   (5-10 day service).

The equipment below is based on the work of Dr. Hulda Clark.
The AutoZap5 $289 - $299
Professional AutoZap 5 Zapper
2 Pairs Conductive Wrist Cuffs (or 1 Pair Gloves)
2 Pairs Medical Grade Snap Connect Wires
Video and Paper Instructions
5 Year Warranty
90 Money Back Guarantee
Use with Zappicator for Best Results


The Integrated Wellness System  $439 - $449

Professional AutoZap 5 Zapper
2 Pairs Silver Conductive Wrist Cuffs (or 1 Pair Gloves)
10-Magnet Free Coil SuperZappicator
Includes 2 Pairs Medical Grade Snap Connect Wires
Video and Paper Instructions Included  
5 Year Warranty
90 Day Return   * see below




The Super Zappicator  $159

Revolutionary food and BODY polarization device, feature 10 static directional electro-magnets.  It is like a magnetic "antenna" helping to send zapping power directly into the body as well as into food. Works great for teeth, food, and body!   Replaces the tooth wand and food zappicator.  Five year full warranty. (Requires a zapper to power it... zapper not included.)

Note: No returns due to personal nature of device.


Conductive Elastic Zapper Wrist Cuffs -  $49

Wrist Cuffs for Maximum Convenience   (Included when you purchase an Auto-Zap5.)

  • Universal Connector to fit a wide variety of Zappers
  • Ultra-wide, comfortable and secure
  • Exceptional contact area and absorbent surface prevents burns

These comfortable elastic Super Cuffs are wide enough to accommodate wrists of all sizes, and are guaranteed to provide adequate contact for proper zapping.

Two pairs are included in the package, cables are sold separately.

Note: No returns due to personal nature of use.

Zapper SuperGloves $75

Our Zapper Gloves are designed for easy use with the AutoZap 5:

  • Reusable for many uses, saves time and money
  • Washable wash gently by hand and air-dry
  • Flexible one size fits all
  • Silver-plated knitted fabric provides Super conductivity!


1) If your hands are very large the gloves may not fit Please use CUFFS instead.
2) Connecting wires are not included


Zapper Footpads $49

These silicone footpads are a convenient hands-free alternative to wristbands or gloves. Made of conductive silicone and tested for hundreds of uses, each pair comes with a connector cable and instructions.Footpad connectors for the AutoZap 5 zapper. These pads keep your hands free and can be easily cleaned for years of hygienic zapping. Requires the AutoZap 5 Zapper (sold separately).
 * Includes a connecting cable for use with the AutoZap 5.


Zapper PetZap Pads $29 

These conductive silicone pads are a convenient and hygienic way to zap your pet. Tested for hundreds of uses. Each pair comes with a connector cable and instructions. The easiest way to use these is with an elastic Ace bandage (not included) to hold the Petzap Pads securely and comfortably in place.

Replacement Wires Set for AutoZap5  $19

Medical-grade snap connector wires for the AutoZap5. Custom made to our specifications. These cables are flexible and strong with internal Kevlar reinforcement.

  • Price includes 2 cables

REFUND POLICY: Due to the personal nature of using the ACCESSORIES (zappicator, wrist cuffs, gloves, pet pads), we can not refund these once opened and used.  Total refund upon return of the AutoZap5 is $249.   No refund on shipping.  Customer is responsible for shipping the AutoZap5 (only) back to us.

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